“Betsy Miller is not only an educated and licensed expert in the field of Best Practices within the Health field, she has much practical experience in working with Early Childhood Professionals. She has assisted our staff in not only understanding and evaluating if the personal care routines could be improved upon, but has them “taking ownership” in changing their methodologies to work even better with the children in their personal care routines.

Patience while working with each staff member is a virtue Betsy Miller has demonstrated not only when mentoring them on a-one-to-one basis, but also when doing professional training with them.  I highly recommend Betsy Miller as a Health Care Consultant for Early Childhood Professionals and attest to the fact that she has and continues to make a difference in our children’s (as well as in our staff’s) daily lives!”

Sherry Bohm, Center Director, Mary Bert Gutman Early Learning Center, Melrose Park, PA  19027


Excerpt: “Mrs. Miller, BSN, RN, BC, is a qualified, certified, and knowledgeable health care professional.  She demonstrates the attributes of a well-rounded consultant.  A preliminary pre-visit document provides the center an opportunity to list policies, procedures, and information, to lay the ground work for the technical assistance.  A child care ‘Health and Safety Checklist Summary’ gives a concrete evaluation of the health and safety issues at the center.  Her expertise in personal care routines and diapering procedures can improve your Environmental Rating Scores (ERS).  Additional advice for special health needs, emergency preparedness procedures, injury & illness policies and immunization record keeping are all part of the consultation process.

Be prepared to evaluate your program “outside the box” of early childhood education and examine public health as well as ERS scores and playground safety.   “I’m here to present Best Practice” was a resounding quote that Betsy shared consistently.  Does your staff like change… expect to be challenged.  As a director, do you want change… expect results.  Change takes time and Betsy is willing to provide hands on training and mentoring to accomplish the center’s goals.  The consultation did not end with the onsite visits, but referrals and recommendations were given in writing to provide a continued resource for “Best Practice” at my center.  Betsy continues to ‘check in’ and is an approachable, ongoing educational resource.  I would not hesitate to recommend Betsy Miller as a Health Care Consultant in the field of Early Childhood Education.  Tell her what you want and she will share her unlimited knowledge and resources.”

Robin Schmale, Director, New Hanover Child Care, Obelisk, PA 19492


“Betsy Miller is motivated, energized, organized, and the type of person we were looking for to continue the goals of our national training program. She understood the big picture and caught on quickly to the momentum we were trying to create around the country. The course requires skills in researching, writing, training, consulting, and creating and sustaining partnerships, all skills which Ms. Miller had and continues to display…

I continue to collaborate with Ms. Miller on a national level in a variety of ways. We have shared resources to enhance the provision of healthy and safe child care. She stays connected with NTI and offers feedback and assistance when asked. She has been and continues to be an expert reviewer for NTI’s study modules. With her skills and abilities, the ECELS-HCCPA program is a national model. For that reason, Ms. Miller has been asked to be a speaker at state and national meetings, is consulted by colleagues, and contributes to advancing this field at all levels. She is enthusiastic and conscientious in her approach to work. She has a good sense of humor, is sensitive and cares about others, and works well with individuals of all backgrounds…”

Sandra Cianciolo RN, BSN, MPH
Project Coordinator
National Training Institute for Child Care Health Consultants
Department of Maternal and Child Health
Gillings School of Global Public Health
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
135 Dauer Drive, 4th Floor Rosenau Hall, Campus Box #7445
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7445


While consulting with the Pastoral Centre Pre-School and Crèche in South Africa, Betsy encouraged the development of improved oral health for the children; prior to traveling to South Africa, she organized a toothbrush campaign to supply the child care program.  The following excerpt demonstrates the Director’s appreciation for Betsy’s hands-on approach to her work:

Excerpt: “Betsy most of the things you taught us are done in London; I saw them live when I took a course there. The tooth brushes came. There were 211. We have started using them for the children in rooms two and three; the children enjoy brushing their teeth.

We are trying our best to keep the classrooms as clean as can be. The social workers came and they were very impressed about the kitchen. The play areas are kept clean too. Thumbs up for your hard work; we are who we are because of you!”

Pamela Mfaxa, Director and Lead Teacher
Pastoral Centre Pre-School and Crèche
P.O. Box 800
Eldorfado Park 1813
Soweto, Gauteng, South Africa

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